Alex Rosen of Predator Poachers

Houston-based “Predator Poachers” is just another group of Internet vigilante scumbags seeking attention

Source Harris County JP Court Records

Predator Poachers is a Houston TX-based gang of teenagers conducting online entrapment operations but unlike similar groups, Predator Poachers has a reputation for making racist and homophobic statements in their videos.

Even the names of some of the videos have racist undertones; for example, one video featuring a sting on an Asian guy was labeled “Ninja Predator” and labeled the victim’s walk away from the group as a “WOK of shame.” (And they spell it out W-O-K of shame in case anyone thinks we’re just reading into this.)

Another video of a Hispanic man is labeled “Vaquero Predator.” 

A Reddit board has also pointed out this group targets people primarily in the LBGTQ community.

Alex has also had to apologize for making false allegations against people as he doctors the chat logs which are mostly from an LGBTQ dating app.

Unfortunately, the Houston news media is hyping up this group by giving them coverage.

Predator Poachers was already banned once by Youtube but has a second Youtube account. The founder of this group, 19-year-old Alex Rosen, was recently arrested for DUI. So much for his “dream of becoming a cop.”

Also, it was reported Alex was once charged with assault but the charges were removed from his criminal record. That case can be found in Stafford Texas and not available online. but the DUI arrest is available through the arresting police department. (Of course, he posted a pic online so everyone would know about it.)

Alex thinks he is above the law. Can do anything he wants. That the world owes him!

This page was originally posted to an online blog that exposes these “predator sting” groups, but Predator Poachers had engaged in efforts to hide this information from the general public. Rosen (or another member of the group) contacted that blog’s owner using the email while pretending to be an attorney and demanded the blog be removed. When the blog owner refused, Predator Poachers spammed the blog owner’s email and phone with annoying messages. They stated they would “presue” a different course of action; indeed, they convinced Google to remove the informative blog post twice in three days.

Alex Rosen does not want people to know that he has a DWI arrest (despite posting it himself on a publicly accessible page) Predator Poachers stands accused of racist and homophobic rhetoric.